Christian Performing Artists’ Fellowship (CPAF)

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The performing arts world is a dark and spiritually needy place, full of broken and hurting people. For this reason, CPAF believes that the arts world is a mission field. Our organization was established in 1984 for the purpose of ministering to musicians and artists involved in the professional, classical performing arts. CPAF members are found in dozens of professional orchestras, major university music departments, and opera, dance, and theatre companies worldwide.

CPAF believes that art and faith are not mutually exclusive. We, as humans, are not the founders or creators of art, but are merely the image bearers of Christ. For this reason, we believe our art should not be a means for self-expression alone but an expression and reflection of God, our Creator.

The MasterWorks Festival:

In 1997, CPAF established the MasterWorks Festival (MWF), a four-week intensive performing arts festival. Throughout the month, the festival hosts nearly 40 concerts—symphony orchestra, ballet, theatre, chamber groups, and other small ensembles—that are free to the public. The festival draws faculty and students from nearly every denominational background.

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The MasterWorks Festival is designed to train and mentor the next generation of talented classical performing artists to achieve the highest standards of excellence artistically, professionally, and spiritually. This is done through many campus-wide spiritual activities such as daily quiet times, devotions, worship, Sunday morning services, and daily Bible studies. Our Bible study program is two-fold: in addition to small group study, we also offer leadership training for those interested in starting MasterWorks Movements or prayer groups within their arts communities. Throughout the year, CPAF offers support and a number of resources for these groups.


Other activities, resources, and events:

Throughout the year, CPAF remains connected with MWF students and faculty through alumni services, Bible study support and resources, and updates.

During this time CPAF also stays connected with the community through prayer groups, volunteer opportunities, and a monthly concert series. Beginning the second Sunday in October and running through the second Sunday in May, the Second Sunday Series consists of a variety of musical and theatrical performances. Concerts begin at 7:30 p.m. at Rodeheavor Auditorium in Winona Lake, Indiana.

In addition, CPAF offers an Arts Administration Internship Program to college graduates looking to expand their talents in the arts world.


Photo by Kevin Schmidt

Partnership interests:

We are always looking for people in the arts community to contribute to our program. We are in need of more volunteers as well as candidates for our yearly internship program. If you are interested, please contact us.

How to contact:

CPAF is located on Grace College Campus in Winona Lake, Indiana. For more information about any of the programs and services we offer, please contact us by email or phone or visit us online.


Phone: 574-267-5973

Toll free: 888-836-2723


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