EthnoArts & Media trip to the Solomon Islands

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Once every four years, Pacific artists gather together to celebrate both their common heritage in the arts (visual, song, dance, theatre, etc.) as well as their cultural diversity.  The Solomon Islands will host the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA), expected to draw 3000 participants from the region.
This summer a Wycliffe Discovery trip will offer a unique opportunity for ethnoarts, videography, and communications students (and professors) to participate in the festival through the following:

  • cultural, linguistic, medical, & team building orientation (Dallas – 1 week)
  • attending an “Arts in Mission” field training course (Dallas – 1 week) [based on the AiM training in England last fall – see the video here]
  • leading an “Arts in Mission” workshop in the Solomons before FOPA
  • facilitating short courses during FOPA
  • creating an audio-video documentation of the event to give to the Solomon Islands sponsors

To get prerequisites, application, and other details, see:
Contact: for more information.

Note! Applications accepted until March 8.

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