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Mission: La Fonderie exists to value, encourage, inspire, and embolden Christians working in the arts.

We believe that artists who are also growing disciples of Christ should be creating culture as innovators and leaders. Transformed hearts and lives—engaged and active in culture as artists, as educators, as leaders, and as servants—will bring transformation.

La Fonderie ( is a community of primarily professional artists exploring the arts, culture, and faith. Much of our activity is centered around conversations, events, and gatherings intended to discover and unleash creative visions and projects. We organize times of prayer, Bible study and discussion, and worship open to everyone.

Since we began in 2001, a large percentage of those involved in La Fonderie have been followers of Jesus who were without meaningful connection with a local church. For many, La Fonderie is their spiritual community, a safe place for asking questions, seeking answers, and turning towards Jesus. It has been a place to (re)connect with God.

The arts space that we opened in 2006 serves as a place for exposition and performance, for rehearsal and development, and is finding a unique place in the arts community in Paris.

Activities, resources, and events:


We hold monthly artists’ dinners with invited guests who talk about their art, their processes, and their journey as artists and Christ followers. In addition, we have organized Bible study, weekend retreats, conferences, brunches, panel discussions, and artistic events.

The arts space is perhaps our most visible and versatile resource. (It is not a “Christian” art space, and nearly 75% of the artists using the space are not Christ followers. For this reason, we take great care to keep the name of the space from appearing in our communications or on ministry and church websites.)

In the space, we organize art shows, film screenings, theatre events and readings, and concerts (from experimental jazz to classic to chanson française to pop to rock).  Several artists rehearse in the space, and some give classes.

Every week there are events, and an information schedule can be found at


La Fonderie has a small office above the arts space in the heart of the city at 48 rue de Lille, Paris, France. This is in the 7th arrondisement, between the Musée d’Orsay and Le Louvre.

How to Get Involved:

The best way is to come by while in Paris! There is a jury to choose between submissions for the expos and an artist-in-residence project for the summers. There are volunteer opportunities and some unpaid internships available.

How to Contact:


Marie Breton, President:
Christelle Bourguignon, Administrator & Schedule:
Steve Thrall, Director of the arts space:
David Brazzeal:

On Facebook: La Fonderie and Le Pave d’Orsay (Please help us protect the character of the arts space by not printing the name.)

Partnership Interests/Needs:

We are very interested in collaborating with others. [See “Shedding Light on Art History in the City of Lights”.] We have worked with groups of artists and art educators from Baylor (Theatre Department), Wheaton (Classical Music), and Fuller Theological Seminary (Film and Culture). We believe that our location in Paris creates a unique context in which we can invest in the lives of emerging artists and those who train them. Thus working with colleges and universities is of particular interest.

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