Phoenix Performing Arts Trust

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Mission: To enable Christians involved in the performing arts at whatever level to realize their full potential for the service of Christ.

1.     To develop the whole person spiritually and artistically through teaching and training.
2.     To enable artists to communicate the gospel through their particular gifts and disciplines.
3.     To pursue excellence of artistic skill, spiritual discipline, and integrity.
4.     To train artists to teach others.
5.     To promote the awareness, understanding, acceptance, and full potential of the performing arts within and through the church.
6.     To stimulate friendship and Christian fellowship amongst artists.
7.     To provide discretionary financial support in the form of grants and scholarships.

1.     To establish a school for the performing arts based on a biblical worldview.
2.     To run short-term seminars, training courses, and workshops.


Under Phoenix are presently two performing companies: PointZero (physical theatre ensemble director—Danny Scott) and TouchPoint (theatre ensemble—director Mary Scott). PointZero has a mandate to operate primarily in the fringe theatre world with biblically based, excellent physical theatre productions as well as mixed-media productions (e.g. events involving music, dance, theatre, fine art, etc.). Its focus is local, European, and global. TouchPoint’s focus is primarily local community with an emphasis on theatre but also involving fusion of different art forms—so there is an overlap between the companies. Both companies operate on an Associateship basis: performers and contributors in any given project are engaged for that project only, and there are no full-time members apart from the directors. This enables the companies to work with local and international artists and build relationships with many different people from all backgrounds.

PivotPoint is our training company and is jointly headed up by Danny and Mary Scott. It seeks to fulfill the mandate of Phoenix and is open to all—Christians and non-Christians.

Our primary aim is to make an impact on culture through quality, Kingdom-based art. TouchPoint and PivotPoint have a particular mandate to act as a bridge between the church and community through the arts. We are in dialogue with churches and church leaders and are seeking ways to educate churches in the language of the arts through lectures, seminars, one-one coaching/mentoring or discussion, and by demonstration.

Activities, resources, and events:

  • Gap Year program (starting in the autumn)
  • 6-9 month programs (part-time) on all levels (theatre and physical theatre)
  • Programs for youth
  • Apprenticeships and internships with either company
  • Workshops/short courses
  • SIMA vocational and personal development coaching
  • Lectures/seminars (both inside and outside the church)
  • Mentoring/discipling artists
  • Networking
  • Short performances for churches (see the TouchPoint website for repertoire)
  • Large-scale performance work in the community or festivals (see PointZero and TouchPoint websites for repertoires; also, pieces can be written on commission)


Oxford, U.K.

How to Get Involved:

In addition to courses listed on the PivotPoint website and Gap Year placements, we have workshops that we publicize through our websites. Also, you can audition for apprenticeships (download an application form through the PivotPoint website) and performances (if you send a CV, we will put you on a mailing list for upcoming casting opportunities). We also need volunteers for backstage or front of house, publicity, or admin (this can be in combination with an apprenticeship as a quid pro quo arrangement).

How to Contact:

Contact information and application forms are available on our websites:

Partnership Interests:

Most of our work is in some way collaborative. We are always on the lookout for helpers with admin or publicity and sometimes for performers.

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