The Culture House & Storling Dance Theater

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Mission: To cultivate artistic excellence for personal growth and positive cultural direction for the Kansas City community and surrounding areas.

The Culture House is Kansas City’s premier arts academy for dance, theater, and music classes. As an arts organization born from the Christian perspective and story, we aim to teach Christians to understand and embrace the language of the arts in life and faith. Through classes, rehearsals, and individual mentoring, our Artist Development Program (ADP) and our professional companies such as the acclaimed Storling Dance Theater and Maxxas Dance Theater are focused on raising up great artists who understand their craft and their calling and who are able to bless the arts community through prayer, modeling, and deep relationships.

ADP includes courses on Christian apologetics, how Christianity relates to the arts and culture, and living a life of integrity and devotion to God. We also host a lecture series in which we bring in experts from various philosophical and cultural fields. At these public gatherings, we aim to give people from all walks of life practical ideas about how to live a life closer to the Lord.

By working hard to create new art that is both competitive in the marketplace and relevant to the current culture, we have been able to take a seat at the table with other arts groups and help steer the conversation in our city about the arts’ relationship to life and meaning. For example, a top local critic recently named “Underground” by our premier dance company, Storling Dance Theater, one of the top ten performances of the decade in Kansas City. This acknowledgement is very encouraging, and it tells us that people are taking our work and our message seriously.



The Culture House Academy of the Performing Arts offers classes taught by working professionals in dance, theater, and music. We currently have over 700 students. Our summer camp programs welcome approximately 800-1200 students each summer.


The STAR Program is our outreach to at-risk and incarcerated children and youth. We take highly skilled teachers in various art forms into youth prisons, mental hospitals, and underprivileged neighborhoods to give kids encouragement and to build their confidence through arts education. Where we are able to share our faith with them, we do so passionately, connecting their creative gifts to God, the Giver of all life and gifts, and Jesus, His ultimate gift. Where we cannot openly share about Jesus Christ, we talk about how each person is created in the image of God for a purpose.

Storling Dance Theater is a professional dance theater company led by artistic director Mona Storling-Enna and assistant director Tobin James. Storling’s innovative style has earned it a well-respected place in the Kansas City arts scene. Other cities are now inviting Storling to bring its work and enhance the life and community in those cities.

Photo courtesy of The Culture House

How to get involved:

If you are an aspiring artist in dance or theater, apply to our Artist Development Program in order to develop your skills, mind, and spirit to fulfill your calling as a Christian.

Professionals in dance are encouraged to audition for Storling Dance Theater and Maxxas Dance Theater. Auditions are typically scheduled in the spring, but private auditions can be held between March and August.

Financial supporters can get involved by sponsoring one of our programs, paying for scholarships for our underprivileged and at-risk youth, or becoming a benefactor by investing in our building development and endowment fund.

How to contact:

Photo courtesy of The Culture House

Please contact Jeremiah Enna at or at the following address:

The Culture House
14808 W. 117th Street
Olathe, KS 66062

Partnership Interests:

We have partnered with many organizations and groups around the world throughout the years. If you are interested in hosting one of our professional productions in your city, we would love to bring our work to your community.

Because of our success, several people have asked us to share our model so that they can adapt it to their own communities. We are currently discussing when and if we should host a conference specifically to do this and to encourage other organizations to find stable models to build long-term, innovative Christian work in their cities. If you are interested in a conference like this, please contact us to help us gauge interest and decide when to plan for this. When this event occurs, it should spur many partnerships and collaborations not only for The Culture House but for others as well.

Photo courtesy of The Culture House

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