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MISSION: Discipling Artists to Be Mission Minded

“Does art imitate culture or does culture imitate art? No one can say for sure. However, no one disagrees that there is a relationship between what happens in culture and what is expressed by the artistic community.”—Allan Wiltshire, Founder, Mission Minded Artist And Allan is working hard to build that relationship between art and culture.  In 2005, Allan formed The Mission Minded Artist (MMA), “to see cultures influenced for Christ by artistic people, and to disciple artists to become missional.” MMA sees the necessity of pouring resources into the artist, to facilitate discipleship and growth. This process is not independent of craft, but integral to the creation of art as a vehicle of spiritual change and maturation. “The transformation of a culture starts with the transformation of the individual artists,” writes Wiltshire.  “From the place of feeling and knowing that one is loved by God, the artist begins to behave as one so loved.  Then, as the eyes and voice of a culture, artists are in a unique position to bring about change in culture through the motivation and use of art. “As the redeemed artist moves through life, and the ebb and flow of faith, art becomes the veritable ‘CNN’ for others to ‘see-hear-feel’ the Kingdom of God coming, taking root, breaking through in the realm of perceivable reality. Jacek, a new Polish believer, is just one example.  A 26-year-old pianist, Jacek had joined the team in a concert tour in the Middle East.  As the team then went to prayer stations, to meet with individuals forming long lines for prayer, Jacek was intimidated.  As a new believer, he had barely begun to pray, let alone pray out loud for someone else.  Just then, a young girl of about 10 came up to him.   Neither one spoke the other’s language, but the girl put her hands in prayer position.  Jacek knelt before her to pray. As he did so, he was overcome with tears, and wept as he prayed.  When he looked up, he noticed her blue eyes—uncommon for the culture—and her big smile.  She thanked him in English.  He wiped the tears from his eyes, looked again, but she was gone. In 2006, MMA began short-term missions trips to engage creative people.  A community-based prayer and accountability system, known as a Touch Point Group, supported these trips with prayer. Activities, Resources and Events: August, 2011: Q&A meeting on World Missions and the Black Church.  This is the second event of its kind, focused on the recruitment of African Americans for World Missions.  The guest panel will be made up of speakers from the mission society, COMINAD, and Carver Bible College.  The event will be videotaped and distributed via the web. December 2011: Mumbai, India.  MMA will minister with a young church plant using gospel music.  The musical team is in place; there is still a need for intercessors to join the team. Fall 2012: the first annual tour of the Gospel Music Phenomenon across Poland.  The desire is to take a large team or multiple choirs and soloists to perform, and coach the many choirs that are at work in the country. Location: MMA is connected to the Global Outreach Department of Perimeter Church, 9500 Medlock Bridge Road, Duluth, GA 30097. How to Get Involved: Opportunities to partner exist for short-term teams, events, special projects and for prayer. How to Contact: Allan Wiltshire at ALLAN@MISSIONMINDEDARTIST.COM . Partnership Interests: MMA is looking to network and partner with like-minded people and organizations.  Currently there is a need for marketing material.


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