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Mission: To see the arts become a key part of strategies for planting churches among unreached people groups.

10X Productions is an award-winning, non-profit film/media production company. Our primary purpose is to develop and produce mass-media visual communication tools for the purpose of exposing a wide audience to the spiritual stories of the varied peoples of the world.

We want artists to have key roles in church planting teams to communicate the fullness of Christ and the Gospel among all people groups. To this end, we pursue the following activities:

  • Discipleship, nurture, and equipping of artists to see them strategically involved in world evangelization, with a special emphasis on reaching unreached people groups.
  • Production of culturally relevant, strategic, and useful visual media resources to enhance these efforts.
  • Facilitation of arts strategies with existing and new church planting teams.
  • Collaboration and mentoring of majority-world arts ministries and artists for the purpose of church planting, discipleship, and evangelism.

Activities and resources:

10X Productions was formed in 2005 to facilitate the production of a feature-length motion picture, Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God (www.TheEnemyGod.com) in partnership with a community of indigenous Yanomamö in Venezuela. The film has won multiple awards at film festivals in the U.S. and internationally and has been recognized for excellence in screenwriting, production, directing, and cinematography. We do periodic special screenings of the film at colleges and churches, and it is available on DVD.

“Guide You” Trailer from Caleb Resources on Vimeo.

Our primary activities in the next few years will involve collaboration with and empowerment of emerging filmmakers in the Two-Thirds World as part of church-planting strategies. We will be partnering with Pamoja Ministries in Tanzania to co-produce music videos for the Sowers Group, an up-and-coming musical group from East Africa. Their personal stories of faith, hope, and survival in the midst of civil war are powerful influences on their music, which blends modern and traditional East African and gospel influences. Our goal is two-fold: to produce a high-quality video project for wide distribution in East Africa, and to increase the local ministry’s capacity to create further media projects using their local resources.

We also teach filmmaking courses here in the U.S. to equip emerging filmmakers to work toward a similar vision. In fall 2010, this will primarily be in the form of enrichment classes for high school students.

Finally, we have some media resources, such as our film The Enemy God, that serve as models and cross-cultural ministry resources for churches and missions organizations.


Littleton, Colorado

How to Get Involved:

We are faith-based missionaries and part of a much larger missions organization called Pioneers. We have some internships available, primarily involving film/web production. If you are interested in becoming involved, we can provide more information on short-term projects, long-term projects, and internships.

How to Contact:

Email team leader Tom Khazoyan at TomKhazoyan@10xproductions.org

Partnership interests and needs:

We are very interested in partnering with others. We are a small team and we have a lot to learn, but we also believe we have something to give. We are particularly focused on developing more collaborative relationships with church-planting teams and with other ministries that are doing things similar to what we’re doing.

Specifically, for fall 2010, we are trying to connect with people who are doing filmmaking training for high school students. We would like to hear what is working and not working.

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