Artists and the Global Church

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W. David O. Taylor, editor of For the Beauty of the Church, challenges us to open our eyes to the art of Christians outside the West. For more information about the World Evangelical Alliance’s special Arts and Mission publication, see our recent post here.

For many in my circle of friends, our thoughts about art and faith tend to remain in the Western hemisphere. Perhaps they include the UK and the Continent. But my hunch is that few of us read essays on the arts from people in Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America.

How many of us can name our top ten favorite artists from the majority world? I’m embarrassed to say, not me. I might be able to generate a Top 6 for non-Western literary writers. Maybe. Would I be able to relay stories of churches in India or Paraguay who have boldly ventured into their local art communities? Do I have a sense of the kinds of questions they’re asking? Are they different from mine in North America? Or what kinds of issues must an artist consider when communicating the gospel, precisely through the arts, to the tribes of the Kalahari Desert? Click here to read the full article.

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