Aslan Performing Arts Centre

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Mission: To reach a secular and religiously apathetic European society with the redemptive message of Christ through the arts.

The Aslan Performing Arts Centre is a non-profit cultural organization based in Madrid, Spain. As part of our Christian worldview, we believe that a well-trained artistic sensitivity can enable us to better contemplate and appreciate the wonders of nature around us. It helps us open our imagination to the creative and spiritual dimension and deepens our understanding of the human condition. We believe that because God has created us in His own image, education cannot be only the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to make a living or, in the case of an artist, become a great virtuoso. The making of a mature person also calls for engagement of the spiritual dimension and growth in ethical and moral values. So it is our purpose to reconcile the creative aspect of life with the reality of a personal God as found in the Bible.

In the last few years, we have come to understand that living out this Judeo-Christian view of the arts and culture and carrying on our work in the area of artistic education can open a way into people´s hearts. We have discovered that our approach, which sees the arts as catalysts for the enrichment and cultivation of the human spirit, is appealing even for skeptical non-religious people. Our way of dealing with people in a genuine, honest, caring, and personal way, as human beings made in the image of God, stands in clear contrast to a secular approach that treats individuals as mere numbers in the midst of a materialistic, impersonal society. Understanding the nature of the artistic gift, acquiring aesthetic as well as moral and ethical values, and genuinely loving whatever is good and beautiful not only in nature but also in the world of human life—all of these things are relevant and important even for those who come from a secular mindset.

We understand the need to be well equipped for the work God has called us to do in this area. Therefore we have a discipleship program we follow with the members of our team, which includes study and discussion about the challenges of the Christian artist, the arts in general, the nature of the creative gift, the place of the arts in the church, and the role they play in shaping society. We offer discussion groups, workshops, and conferences on these subjects to churches who are interested in exploring the arts. We also promote dialogue with non-Christians through conferences, recitals, and other activities we organize periodically.

Educational Programs:

1. Summer theatre seminar: We offer students and theatre artists a weeklong seminar on Spanish classical theatre in the city of Almagro, home to one of the few 17th-century theatres in Europe. The seminar is organized by The Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, one of the major universities in Madrid with whom we work in partnership. The university offers credits to those attending. The seminar is part of a one-month Classical Theatre Festival, which brings together about 25 professional companies from all over Europe every year in July. This is a great opportunity for us as Christians to be in contact with non-Christians in the theatre world, in a pre-evangelistic kind of work.


2. Music summer classes:We offer master classes, seminars, and workshops on Spanish and European composers, Spanish classical music, music history, flamenco music improvisation, and flamenco dance for musicians.


3. Dance intensives and summer workshops: We have workshops and master classes on Spanish and flamenco dance as well as ballet for beginners and advanced students. Our instructors include Elvira Andrés, dancer and former artistic director of the Spanish National Dance Company, as well as teachers from the Madrid Dance Conservatory and the Carlos III University, with whom we also work in close partnership. As part of this program, students participate in a 24-hour dance marathon that takes place every year in one of the biggest theatres in Madrid. It is an opportunity for dance schools from all over Spain to have a showcase for their work.

4. Art summer classes: These are art appreciation classes for art, music, theatre, and dance students, with prominent Christian artists. They include a guided visit to three of the most important museums in the world: the Prado, the Tysen-Bornimiza, and the Qeen Sofía—what is commonly called the golden triangle.

All of the programs include the following:

  • An introduction to the history and advancement of the gospel in Spain, which includes sightseeing at some of the historical landmarks. We also learn about the current spiritual situation and need of the country.
  • Four sessions on the Arts in Missions. We study, pray, and discuss issues such as ways we can still keep a dialogue with a religiously apathetic society, the role we are to play as Christian artists in this post-Christian European context, the creative imagination, the nature of the creative gift, and the arts in evangelism.

How to Get Involved:

  • Join us as members of the team.
  • Come for short-term help.
  • Contribute financially.
  • Be part of our intercession group.

We have a number of current needs for teachers, people with a variety of practical skills, interns, and short-term volunteers for our urban summer camp. For details, please see the “Opportunities” section of our website ( or contact us directly.


Calle Navas del Rey 7
28011 Madrid, Spain

How to Contact:

By snail mail:

Héctor Ramírez
C/. Porto Cristo 4, 9D Izq.
Alcorcón 28924
Madrid, Spain

By phone:

APAC: 0034 91 479 9134
Home: 0034 91 611 5177
Cell Phone: 0034 665216894


By e-mail:

Partnership Interests:

We always welcome partnership with other similar organizations.

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