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National Conference on Christian Arts in Helsinki, April 23-25, 2010

“Envision a future in which the community of faith is at the forefront of artistic innovation that will be celebrated in the corporate life of the church and its individual members, in the local cultural marketplace, and in the global entertainment industry.”
— Colin Harbinson

Artists need a place in the church, and the church needs the arts when seeking to reach the people of today. The key is found in a trusting relationship between the church and the artists, a trust which should be built and strengthened. IMAGINE is a unique opportunity for career and aspiring artists to meet with pastors and church leaders for exchange, dialogue, and mutual encouragement. The aim of IMAGINE is to ignite and strengthen a biblical vision for the significant place that the arts have for the church and European society.


  • brings together representatives of churches and artists
  • is a platform for connecting, dialogue, and dreams
  • strengthens the vision for the the arts in churches and in missions
  • encourages artists in their Christian life and calling
  • challenges Christians to work in the mainstream of culture

Colin Harbinson, the international director of StoneWorks, will be our featured speaker. For more information contact or visit

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