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By William D. Taylor

Connections, the journal of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, is delighted to release this first information on the special double issue (100 pages, full color) dedicated to the visionary and critical issue of Arts in Mission. As editor of the magazine, I am profoundly indebted to Robin Harris and John Franklin for their boundless creativity and time invested in this project.

We see this singular issue as having an estimated shelf life of 5 years due to its unique nature and beauty. The essays cover a wide range of topics including biblical/theological foundations, the arts and culture, hospitality, music, dance, visual art, film, worship, evangelism, arts ministry and training, and perspectives from around the globe. In addition, we have a bonus feature online at
http://www.weaconnections.com/ with articles that could not fit into the print issue.

The issue will serve as an additional text in Christian colleges and theological schools around the world. It will be a core element in the 2011 training program, set to take place for England, to equip arts-in-mission practitioners. We are printing 1000 additional copies to be sold and made available at the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town this October. This issue will be featured in the arts and mission workshops and sold in the bookstore. A percentage will be given to the leaders of African national mission movements and other networks across the continent.

As you can imagine, it costs a lot to produce something of this quality and nature, and volume (bulk) orders will enable us to keep the retail price as reasonable as possible.


Bulk Order Pricing
(Each order sent to the same address. All prices include shipping costs.)

Order                         Within USA                    Rest of world (due to shipping costs)

Retail price:             US$18.00                        US$20.00

1-5 copies:               US$18.00                         US$20.00

6-10 copies             US$16.00                          US$17.50

11-25 copies:           US$14.00                         US$16.00

26-99 copies:           US$11.50                          US$14.00

100+ copies:            Write to Kees van der Wilden for special price.

For single or bulk orders, please contact Kees van der Wilden, associate director of the WEA Mission Commission, at kees@weamc.org. You can download the cover and table of contents here.

William D. Taylor is the editor of Connections and the Global Ambassador for WEA and the Mission Commission.

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