Sydney, Australia: Musician Needed for Kids Space

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Crossroad Kids is an incarnational mission for Aboriginal children who live in Sydney’s urban slum area called The Block. On Sunday afternoons from 4 to 7 pm, parents drop in for fellowship and refreshments while the kids do a variety of activities in which the creative arts feature prominently.

The Kids Space is in need of a flexible, easy-going musician who would volunteer at least once a month to provide live music for singing and dancing–including composing music for a song the Crossroad Kids have written. This would be a good opportunity for a Bible College student to use as a practicum; the directors have┬ápost-graduate qualifications and could formally supervise, if necessary. The musician needs to have an appreciation of and sensitivity to contemporary indigenous culture issues.

If interested, please contact Lucy Jarasius at

Crossroad Kids meet in this iconic building

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