Creative writing

The Need to Pay Attention

04.11.2011  |  2 Comments

By Luci Shaw A student in a lecture hall once asked me, “Don’t you get tired of noticing things?” By way of answering her I quoted one … Continue Reading

Sacred Story

01.05.2011  |  No Comments

With the pen as his pulpit, George MacDonald used fiction to show the relevance of scriptural truth to the problems of his age. By Kirsten Jeffrey Johnson … Continue Reading

George Herbert

01.05.2011  |  No Comments

England’s greatest religious poet “A verse may find him who a sermon flies.” It was the New Year’s celebration, and Magdalen Newport Herbert had received two sonnets … Continue Reading

The Wise Imagination

10.28.2010  |  No Comments

George MacDonald’s legacy is his reminder that we are creative beings because we are made in the image of a Creator. By Trevor Hart Editor’s note: C. … Continue Reading

The Power of Story

08.12.2010  |  No Comments

Reading may not change the world — but it changes the reader, and that’s a start. By Katherine Paterson The summer that I was 17 years old, I, who … Continue Reading

A Pilgrim’s Progress to the Heavenly City

08.10.2010  |  No Comments

From ancient times, human beings have used both practical and poetic language. By Randall Smith When I get to the poetry section of English 102—where sunsets look … Continue Reading

Hearts in Training

05.03.2010  |  No Comments

C. S. Lewis employed his imaginative gifts to dispel his readers’ illusions and educate their feelings. By Doris T. Myers In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, … Continue Reading